VetMAX™ PRRSV EU & NA 3.0 Kit

April 1, 2021

In December 2020, field observations indicated that the Thermofisher VetMAX™ PRRSV EU & NA 1.0 Kit was not completely amplifying some PRRSv's resulting in falsely elevated cycle time (ct) values. In response to these findings, Thermofisher remodeled a pre-existing new assay already in development allowing it to accurately detect these new variants circulating in the US. The new kit is called the Thermofisher VetMAXTM PRRSv EU & NA 3.0 Kit. 
The MNVDL Molecular/PCR Lab will be transitioning to the VetMAX™ PRRSV EU & NA 3.0 Kit for  PRRS/NAEU detection effective Monday, April 5th, 2021.  This new test will completely replace the existing test so there is no need to make a different request on submission forms. The test price is not changing.
The  VetMAX™ PRRSV EU & NA 3.0 Kit  (new kit) better detects European PRRSv strains and has enhanced speed and sensitivity in addition to the primer and probe patch that more efficiently detects newer circulating PRRSv variants. An extensive methods comparison was done to validate the use of this updated assay in the clinical lab for the detection of NA and EU PRRSv from the typical variety of swine samples normally submitted. The new test has increased sensitivity compared to the old kit, excellent analytical specificity to PRRSv and strong inter-and intra-repeatability across plates.  The updated assay demonstrates a 100% diagnostic specificity and sensitivity using a panel of negative and positive samples that included sera, tissue homogenates, processing fluids, oral fluids and others. Please contact Dr. Rossow at [email protected] with questions.