Former VDL Scholar wins award for poster

December 8, 2016

Award winning poster of Ileana Miranda

Ileana Miranda, a former J1 scholar at the VDL working with Dr. Anibal Armién, won the ACVP Young Investigators Award Poster Competition in the category of Diagnostic Pathology. The poster entitled "Ultrastructure of  Air-conducting Mucosa of Dogs with Chronic Respiratory Disease Suspected of  Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia" was based on work she did at the VDL with Dr. Armién in 2015. Ileana completed her masters program in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been accepted into a veterinary pathology residency at Cornell University. She also won a travel award from the Latin-American Comparative Pathology Group which she recieved at the CL Davis Foundatin Ceremony at ACVP on Dec 5, 2016.

Read an abstract of the project (PDF)

View the poster