Laboratory for Udder Health Overview

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What we do

The Lab for Udder Health provides a variety of testing options to support mastitis control and milk quality on dairy farms. In addition to the highly accurate identification of mastitis pathogens in milk, we offer environmental testing and bacterial quantification for monitoring and troubleshooting of hygiene issues on the farm. The Lab for Udder Health also sells and supports the Minnesota Easy® Culture System for on-farm or veterinary clinic milk culture.

LUH Test Information

Sample submission best practices, fees and other important information about each test can now be found by searching Service type: “Udder Health” on the Tests & Fees page. 

LUH factsheets

Visit our Factsheets page for more information on mastitis pathogens and other tests and services provided by the LUH.

On-farm culture

The Lab for Udder Health offers supplies, training and information to help you get started using on-farm culture to manage clinical mastitis on your dairy. For more information visit our On-farm culture page.


Shipping update from the Laboratory for Udder Health

LUH clients are currently experiencing shipping delays, for packages sent to and from the lab. Because most shipments are time sensitive, we recommend the following shipping practices to avoid problems. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed.