*Prices listed below do not include shipping charges, which will be billed once the supplies are sent

General supplies are available to current VDL clients

How to order

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 612-625-7095 (leave voicemail with order request and contact phone number)

Download receiving order form

SuppliesUnit price ($)
Insulated Shipper: New Box13.52
Insulated Shipper: New Foam Inside7.64
Insulated Shipper: New Outer Box5.88
Blood Tube RackNo charge
Blood Tube MailerNo charge
CWD Collection Cups (pack of 10)No charge
Johne's Collection Cups, 2ozNo charge

Udder health lab supplies

How to order

By email: [email protected]

By phone: 612-625-7053

Download the Udder Health Order Form (PDF)

Download Easy Culture Manual:

English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF)

SuppliesUnit price ($)
2 oz Milk Vials0.30
Factor plate1.75
Focus plate`1.75
Blood plate1.20
MacConkey plate1.20
Tri-plate (F-MTKT - Mac) 3.15
Bi-plate (F-Mac)2.00
Bottle of 15ml coagulase32.00
Coagulase tube kit (makes 30 individual tubes) 35.00
Easy Culture System Handbook (English or Spanish) No charge
Pack of 100 sterile swabs1.50
Pack of sterile inoculating loops5.00
Milk sample mailer8.00