New USDA requirements for sample submission for equine infectious Anemia (EIA) testing

March 4, 2020

According to Veterinary Services Memo VSG 15201.1, there have been some changes in the requirements for laboratories performing EIA testing and to maintain approval to conduct this testing. More details could be found here.

Important point to note are:

  • Only Category II accredited veterinarians can submit samples to approved EIA laboratories and they must be authorized to perform accredited duties in the state in which samples were obtained.
  • Only USDA approved forms can be used. Older forms will be accepted until April 15, 2020. New forms (VS 10-11 FEB 2018) will be available March 30, 2020 or you can use the VSPS e10-11 now.
  • Labs must refer all non-negative test samples to NVSL.
  • Samples may come only from animals located in the US.