Avian Metapneumovirus (aMPV) Real-Time PCR Subgroups A, B and C

Service type
Molecular Diagnostics/PCR
Days tested
Turnaround time
7 business days
Specimen Requirements

1) Tracheal or oropharyngeal swab that includes sampling the choanal cleft, 2) infraorbital sinus exudate or fluid; pooled up to 5 swabs per tube. Use Synthetic swab with a plastic shaft.

Shipping container
15 ml screw cap vial (5 swabs/vial), 3-5 ml BHI
Frozen gel packs
Location Term
Willmar (MPTL)
Submission Form(s)
Best Practice

Swabs may be pooled up to 5 per tube.  Consider requesting both PCR and Virus Isolation for this disease. For the best chance of detecting or isolating this virus, please submit fresh samples as soon as clinical signs are noted. The specimen type(s) listed for this test will provide an adequate sample volume to conduct this test. If multiple tests are to be requested on a specimen, there may not be adequate sample volume to perform each test. Please submit an adequate sample volume to meet the requirements of each test. PCR Testing is done at the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory.  If requested, virus isolation is done at the MVDL. You may send samples to either lab and they will be forwarded as needed. For faster turnaround time you may also collect duplicate samples and send the PCR samples to MPTL, and virus isolation samples to MVDL.

Test update

Avian Metapneumovirus (aMPV) Real-Time PCR Subgroups A, B and C is now the default aMPV PCR test at the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory ( MPTL).    Until recently the United States (US) had only identified and confirmed aMPV Subgroup C.  Since January 2024,  the National Veterinary Services Laboratory has confirmed  both Subgroups A and B in the US.   In response to the recent confirmation of Subgroups A and B,  MPTL has updated its Real-Time PCR test to include all three subgroups.  Individual results will be reported for each A, B, and C.

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