Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) Group A Matrix Real-Time PCR

Service type
Molecular Diagnostics/PCR
Days tested
M-F (samples should arrive at least 24 hours before). In most cases, samples need to be in the lab by noon the day before the scheduled test for processing and preparation.
Turnaround time
2-3 days
Specimen Requirements

Nasal or pharyngeal swabs

Shipping container
Synthetic swab
Frozen gel packs
Location Term
St. Paul (VDL)
Submission Form(s)

Shipping instruction; send next day delivery.Following the guidelines listed under the Submitted Specimen Requirements will provide an adequate sample volume to conduct this test. If multiple tests are to be requested on a specimen, there may not be adequate sample volume to perform each test. Please submit an adequate sample volume to meet the requirements of each test.

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