Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) Ear Notch Screen Pooled Testing

Service type
Molecular Diagnostics/PCR
Days tested
Tuesdays and Fridays (samples should arrive at least 24 hours before). In most cases, samples need to be in the lab by noon the day before the scheduled test for processing and preparation.
Turnaround time
3 business days
Specimen Requirements

1 cm x 1 cm ear tissue (1/2 inch notching pliers)

Shipping container
6 or 10 ml red top tube (no additive or gel)
Frozen gel packs
Location Term
St. Paul (VDL)
Best Practice

Samples will be run in pools up to 50. Processing of ear notch samples requires extra time, and could add 1-2 days to the turnaround time of the assay. Following the guidelines listed under the Submitted Specimen Requirements will provide an adequate sample volume to conduct this test. If multiple tests are to be requested on a specimen, there may not be adequate sample volume to perform each test. Please submit an adequate sample volume to meet the requirements of each test.

*Individual samples from any PCR positive or PCR suspect pools will be tested using the BVDV Antigen Capture ELISA test, for which additional charges will apply.

Test update

There are three changes to BVD Ear Notch Screening
1) The posted fee on our website has been $52.50 per pooled test for the past year but this price increase was not made active in our system until July 1, 2022 (Link to BVDV Ear Notch Screen Pooled Testing online catalog entry).
2) A new fee which will be applied only to cases for which we receive samples that are not in the preferred sample containers, and/or in which samples containers are received with animal IDs written on the containers (e.g. - 14207, 34591, Daisy, Mabel, ...) instead of being serially numbered (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4,...). Individual animal IDs should be recorded on the submission form, on a separate piece of paper, or in a spreadsheet file provided to the lab for direct upload into our information management system, with the animal IDs arranged in the correct order so as to correspond to the serial numbers you apply to the sample containers (e.g. - 1 = 14207, 2 = 34591, 3 = Daisy, 4 = Mabel,...).
This new BVDV pooled ear notch organization fee will be applied on a per-pool basis, at $20 per pool tested, for cases meeting the criteria stated above. Cases received with samples in the preferred containers and for which the containers are serially numbered will NOT incur this additional per-pool fee. Cases received after January 1, 2023, will be evaluated for the applicability of this fee.
Please refer to our Ear Notch Best Practices sheet to avoid this fee.
3) The third item clarifies a policy we will be applying to any PCR positive or PCR suspect pools.  For any pool with a positive or suspect PCR result, we will be automatically testing the individual samples which make up the pool using the BVD antigen capture ELISA (ACE) test. Per our website, each BVDV ACE test is $5.46 per sample tested (Link to BVDV ACE test online catalog entry). This will allow for the individual identification of BVDV infected animals. 

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