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Open job positions at the VDL

The VDL is currently recruiting for the following positions:

Health Care Professional 1: (Bacteriology) Job ID# 354922
Receives, logs in, prepares, and routes specimens for analysis. Cultures and sets up clinical samples from necropsy and from Laboratory Receiving. Determines correct procedures and appropriate media needed for each sample request submitted to the lab. Analyses direct culture plates and determines which bacteria are probable pathogens or common contaminants, and confirms suspect pathogens in a timely manner. Sets up the appropriate susceptibility panel for the animal species and bacterial isolate. Is responsible for reading aerobic cultures. Sets up and identifies fungal cultures. Prepares and follows standard protocols for shipment of BSL 2 organisms to other labs both within and outside of the University. Analyzes and records test results to determine bacterial identifications. Performs literature searches to research unknown organisms. Apply now.

Health Care Professional 1: (Molecular Diagnostics) Job ID# 354227
The purpose of this position is to process a variety of animal diagnostic specimen types for downstream clinical testing.  Prepare a wide variety of specimens for clinical diagnostic testing while adhering to strict BSL2 safety guidelines and standard operating procedures. Independently determine the appropriate sample preparations for molecular diagnostic testing based on the assigned test requests and sample types available, on a case-by-case basis. Independently interpret submission forms to determine an appropriate, case specific course of action for each submission. Maintain working knowledge of the operation and maintenance of basic laboratory equipment such as centrifuges, vortexes, pipettes and biosafety cabinets. Assist downstream sections by performing preparations as needed, based on the assigned testing requirements for each case. Successfully navigate and utilize barcoding software and LIMS (Laboratory Information Systems) to create case barcodes and track diagnostic samples. Perform laboratory maintenance and cleaning duties as assigned Oversee inventory and stock laboratory supplies  Apply now.

Executive Ofc & Admin Specialist: (Laboratory Receiving Front Desk) Job ID# 357291
Client Interaction/Communication (60%)
Diagnostic Sample Handling (35%)
Miscellaneous Duties (5%)
Apply now.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Director: Job ID# 353703
The Director is responsible for strategic direction and overall laboratory operations, enhancing strength and vitality of the VDL by developing new collaborations and establishing partnerships between faculty, industry, government and other potential supporters. Apply now.

Anatomic Pathology Resident: Job ID# 356439
The College of Veterinary Medicine is accepting applications for our 3-year training position in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology.  The residency training program is designed to provide broad exposure to basic and applied aspects of veterinary pathology and to prepare the trainee for a career in veterinary pathology. Residents successfully completing the program are qualified to take the ACVP Board examination. Pathology residents develop skills in gross pathology and histopathology by participating in a busy diagnostic laboratory service. These basic pathology skills are supplemented by training in clinical and comparative pathology.
Residents also participate in pathology teaching for the veterinary student pathology laboratories and instruct senior veterinary students on necropsy rotations. Residents are expected to actively participate in weekly seminars in gross, microscopic and clinical pathology and other specialty pathology rounds. A diverse faculty, including fifteen pathologists who are ACVP certified in anatomic or clinical pathology and six production animal diagnosticians support this program. The caseload includes a wide variety of domestic, wild and exotic animals, birds, and laboratory rodents submitted to the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Masonic Cancer Center Comparative Pathology Shared Resource. After completion of the residency program, qualified individuals may pursue focused research training leading to the PhD degree through the institution’s NIH-funded T32 post-doctoral training program in Comparative Medicine and Pathology. Apply now.