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Veterinary Anatomic Residency Position

Anatomic Pathology Resident: Job ID# 352483

The residency training program is designed to provide broad exposure to basic and applied aspects of veterinary pathology and to prepare the trainee for a career in veterinary pathology. Pathology residents develop skills in gross pathology and histopathology by participating in a busy diagnostic laboratory service. Apply now.

Open job positions at the VDL

The VDL is currently recruiting for the following positions:

Health Care Professional 1: (Laboratory for Udder Health) Job ID# 353095
Culture raw milk and environmental samples, identify bacteria using MALDI ToF Biotyper, process requests to purchase culture media, operate and maintain laboratory equipment, and more. Apply now.

Health Care Professional 1: (Molecular Diagnostics) Job ID# 354227  Processes a variety of animal diagnostic specimen types for downstream clinical testing.  Independently determine the appropriate sample preparations for molecular diagnostic testing based on the assigned test requests and sample types available, on a case-by-case basis.  Independently interpret submission forms to determine an appropriate, case specific course of action for each submission.  Apply now.

Health Care Professional 2: (Histotechnology) Job ID# 347119
Operates and maintains all aspects of the Histology Laboratory, actively participates in research projects from within and outside of the CVM, performs general laboratory maintenance tasks, and more. Apply now.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Director: Job ID 353703
The Director is responsible for strategic direction and overall laboratory operations, enhancing strength and vitality of the VDL by developing new collaborations and establishing partnerships between faculty, industry, government and other potential supporters. Apply now.

VDL Pathologist: Job ID# 353326
The duties of the position will be heavily focused on food animal submissions (e.g., swine, bovine,  ovine, and farmed cervids), providing diagnostic services for food animal practitioners and producers, and  communicating results and providing interpretation to submitters (clinical faculty, practicing veterinarians, researchers, animal owners, and regulatory agency officials). Apply now.